How are smokers coping now that UK has put this ban in place??
Helen C
2007-07-06 04:55:22 UTC
Is it very annoying or has it not made a difference to you?
Have you had to get tough with non-smokers who want to sit outside, but can easily sit inside wheras smokers now do not have the choice.
I am an ex-smoker and curious what effect it is having
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mummy of 5 girls <3 <3
2007-07-06 05:05:50 UTC
saving me a fortune coz i jusst buy some bers and stay in now instead of going to the pub
one shot
2007-07-06 07:08:42 UTC
Coping very well - thanks for asking. I've just simply stopped going to the pub, especially with the inclement weather we have at the moment. I'm actually quite a bit better off financially. I didn't smoke in restaurants or such other places as a ban was already in place anyway so no real difference at all.

The only difference i have noticed is that it is becoming increasingly harder to pick up a ready cooked chicken or bagged indian/chinese at the local super market. If you're not there before 6 they've all gone. Whether that is a result of the ban or not I have no idea.

As for non-smokers sitting outside - that is their perogative. it is,after all, a "free country". The only annoyance I have is that since the ban there are more & more non-smokers now complaining about the smell of cigarettes out in the open air and having to walk through a "cloud" of smoke to get into the pub. They just don't let up do they.
Katherine Lynn A
2007-07-06 05:19:27 UTC
Many non smokers are finding a new social life because they are more comfortable going out to the pub of an evening, meeting people, having a chat. The pubs are providing sheltered areas outside where smokers can go to have a cigarette when they want to. It seems to be working o.k. as far as I have seen.
2007-07-06 05:04:27 UTC
As a smoker who is trying to give up its not bothering me too much, the only problem I have is that on the way home from school we have to walk past two social clubs and the smokers now gather outside the front door and having walk my daughter through clouds of smoke is a bit of a drag (excuse the pun!), I would cross over the road but as the clubs are almost opposite each other it would mean crossing walking about 6 steps then crossing back again! I have always kept my smoking away from my daughter!

I did notice today the amount of people outside offices having a crafty one and felt it really didnt look good, they seemed to be everywhere I turned!

As for non smokers who sit outside, tough, smokers have had their choices taken away from them so they HAVE to sit outside, non smokers dont!
2016-04-25 08:21:14 UTC
2007-07-07 04:35:39 UTC
Wales, NI., and here in Scotland we have had the ban for ages. No problem.

Only the English have to make a fuss about it. Get over it England and get used to it. It is here to stay I sincerely hope, so stop whingeing. These questions are getting monotonous now.
2007-07-06 05:01:14 UTC
I have not smoked in eight months (apart from the odd one or two) but a lot of my friends who smoke have just stopped going to the pub and now take it in turns to host a Friday or Saturday night thing at their houses instead. Its a lot cheaper anyway and we can all stay as late as we like.
2007-07-06 05:37:05 UTC
I've been coping just fine, and nothing has changed for me except busy-body non-smokers who constantly get the law wrong, and who need to be set fire to.
2007-07-06 05:25:26 UTC
They've been coping fine in Scotland, Wales and NI, where the ban has been in place for some time.

If they want to smoke, they go outside. Simple.
2007-07-06 05:02:41 UTC
It just means you are better getting some wine and drinking it at home with friends.

Perhaps go to the pub later ? Nah - it's not worth the effort.
2007-07-06 05:07:53 UTC
Went with wife to the market this morning,hardly

any one in,also car park nearly empty,very unusual.

Stayed ten mins,left wife shopping then i sat in car

having a roll up.Things will never be the same.
2007-07-06 05:04:59 UTC
I would prefer them to ban smoking altogether.

I am quitting next month, and find that smoking in pubs/restaurants is bad manners anyway. I always go outside no matter what. Other peoples kids might be in there. Its not fair to make them breath smoke. I hope i have the strength to stop.
Northern Spriggan
2007-07-06 05:41:28 UTC
It just means the lock in's will be more frequent where we can do what we like!

People who like regulations, of course, dont get the invite

Sorry little Hitlers
2007-07-06 05:04:44 UTC
Just fine thanks

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