NYC -- why isn't the MTA being investigated?
2008-12-17 09:51:52 UTC
the MTA holds the city of NYC hostage by being the monopoly transport system for the city. Why isn't anyone protecting the citizens by investigating the practices and corruption of the MTA? They can raise fares and rob the people of NYC at their own will!
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The Arbiter of common sense
2008-12-17 10:04:46 UTC
The MTA is governed by a 17-member Board. Members are nominated by the Governor, with four recommended by New York City's mayor and one each by the county executives of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, and Putnam counties (the members representing the latter four cast one collective vote). The Board also has six rotating non-voting seats held by representatives of organized labor and the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee (PCAC), which serves as a voice for users of MTA transit and commuter facilities. All Board members are confirmed by the New York State Senate.

As a public body, MTA undergoes more scrutiny than any private firm. Through elected representatives, it represents the interests of the public.

I'm not sure what more you expect?
2008-12-17 18:12:21 UTC
Exactly! I don't understand it either. It was what 3 or 4 years ago that they claimed they were in the red and losing millions and then they were investigated and were found to have falsified books and they were actually profiting 4x`s the amount they claimed to be losing. I`m pretty sure the accountants lost their job, but its deja vu all over again (as quoted by the great Yogi Berra). The subway and bus fares are going upto $3 by the summer and the express bus is expected to be close to $7! This is insane, and they are talking about cutting 2 subways and reducing service. Yes it`s a public service but how can you cut service and charge more for it? Yet by 2015 there is supposed to be a NEW 2nd ave subway line, I wonder how are they going to pay for that.


A public service is run by the city, its not a private company, thus it is not a monopoly. Also, the gas and electric companies are not city authorities, you are free to choose who you like, there is competiton among utility companies, no monopoly. LILCO, Con Ed, National Grid. Your water comes from the city, there is no private company for water. Its part of the city agency
2008-12-17 17:58:36 UTC
Corruption .... Recall a few years they made Bellsouth sell off parts of their Phone Grids because as the law suit stated , they monopolized the Phone Industry. Yet, Look at Gulf Power, Georgia Power, Ala.Power, etc. They are still the ONLY power company you can use. They have Monopolized the board for years, yet no one has challenged their right to do so. Perhaps what is happening w/ MTA is similar.
Forget War Buy More
2008-12-17 17:57:37 UTC
It's a public service, thus a natural monopoly (as there is on your electricity, water, sanitation, etc).

You are free to call a private car service.

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